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I may love makeup, shopping, and all things feminine like a lot of other women, but I raised a son who is probably a lot like you. Not to mention, countless of other Louisiana gentlemen have also been down this road and lived to tell the tale.

Whether you set up the appointment yourself or you get dragged in by the ear by your parent or guardian, your experience with me will never be stuffy or forced. My goal is to help you have fun throughout your session and create a memorable experience on which you can look back and smile. Of course, having great pictures of yourself that you can be proud of doesn’t hurt, either.



Guys, get creative!

I recommend bringing at least 3-4 different outfits but have some fun if you want. Bring as many as you think is necessary to get the full story. Also, as a word of advice, bring the shirt your mom picked out, for good measure.

However, as a reminder, we ARE on a time limit, so the more you outfit changes you squeeze in, the less photo time we have. The most essential outfits are the ones that genuinely represent you and your personality.


My suggestive guidelines are:

  • Dressy

  • Casual

  • Dressy casual

  • and something entirely outside of the box

Other ideas to think about: sports uniform, theater costume, or something unique you wore for an event.


What do you love? Do you have an item that symbolizes your high school achievements? Is there something that tells the world what you are good at or are passionate about?

Bring it with you on the day of your session!

Props are not only welcomed, but they are fully encouraged. What better way is there to enhance your story than with a prop of some kind?

If you have a musical instrument, sports equipment, a favorite book, a special hat or another accessory, a vehicle, a cat or a dog that means the world to you, let’s try to include it.