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Senior Girls





Your senior picture day is getting close! How are you feeling? Being in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking and maybe even a bit intimidating at first, no matter how many selfies you post.

Take a deep breath and relax. Your senior photo session is all about you! I want to show you how bold, beautiful, confident, and classy you are to the rest of the world. Let me show you what the rest of the world already sees.



This is your chance to get creative!

I recommend bringing at least 3-4 outfits, but let your inner fashionista have some fun, too. As a reminder, we ARE on a time limit, so the more you outfit changes you squeeze in, the less photo time we have. The most essential outfits are the ones that genuinely represent you and your personality.


My suggestive guidelines are:

  • Dressy

  • Casual

  • Dressy casual

  • and something entirely outside of the box

Also consider representing your sports, clubs and other activities. These items are unique, typically photograph well, and really tell the story of who you are.


What do you love? Do you have an item that symbolizes your high school achievements? Is there something that tells the world what you are good at or are passionate about?

Bring it with you on the day of your session!

Props are not only welcomed, but they are fully encouraged. What better way is there to enhance your story than with a prop of some kind?

If you have a musical instrument, sports equipment, a favorite book, a special hat or another accessory, a vehicle, a cat or a dog that means the world to you, let’s try to include it.

Time Limit

This is a complete, personalized, boutique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. I do not want you to feel rushed in any way. This is your time to relax and just have some fun.

I block out 2-3 hours, just for my senior girls' photography sessions!

Let’s use it!