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Jackie -

Hi!!! I am Jackie Boudreaux owner and photographer here at Jacklyn Photography it’s pretty simple, I am a Servant at heart, have a great passion for photography and a realized vision of being Top Boutique Photographer in the area where Seniors come for Statement Senior Portraits.

We want seniors to be themselves, while mixing it up sometimes! There is just something about capturing a moment, a smile, a laugh, someone’s personality shining through, that makes my heart smile and to tell you the truth, gets me a little giddy inside. :)  Seniors are truly my faves.

I am a girly girl that loves a great makeup find, just like most of us, but am just as comfortable laying flat on the wet grass, or knee deep in swamp waters to be sure the perfect moment is captured in YOUR photos.

I couldn’t be more blessed to do what I do each and every day.  I love every Glamour-filled or Muddy moment.